A Must Have App for Your Sales Team

To manage Service Calls and Receipt Claim

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
― Confucius

No More Sticky Fingers

Save time from clipping and adhering each receipts on A4 paper

No More Sorting

Save time from sorting each receipts

No More Calculation

Save time from calculating the total spending

No more Dishonest Report

Prevent dishonest service calls report

The Receipt claim feature captures, files & submits expenses, whilst the Service Calls Management produces call reports with its coolest feature of Proof of Visit for each service call.

RIZEET’s Proof of Visit captures photos of the place/person of the visits, records time, and upload reports anytime, anywhere.

For most people, one of the most troublesome tasks is to collect and keep receipts either to be claimed as expenses from their company or for personal income tax purposes. These receipts are easily lost, or ink may fade within a month or two even if you have a special filing system. With RIZEET, no more losing of receipts or fading ink.



It’s a pain every month end to consolidate all your company expenses and receipts to the finance department for claims. Besides the mess and time consuming efforts of segregating and sticking the receipts, the chances of losing them or fading ink are high. This means, you may not get your claims.


The finance department finds it hard to figure out the amount as the receipts may have haphazardly stuck on the piece of paper.


Auditors will love RIZEET as it efficiently and accurately files and categorises the receipts, which, eliminates the sorting efforts.



Most tax departments in the globe require their citizens to keep their personal income tax records and receipts for up to seven years. With RIZEET, storage of the receipts and fading of ink are now a history.



Unscrupulous employees may abuse the Service Calls Report by submitting dishonest service calls activities.

RIZEET - the Simple 123 Solution


In our quest for practical solutions, we are convinced that the paper trail is over. RIZEET utilises your smartphone’s camera to scan your receipts and to capture photo (as a proof-of-visit) for Service Calls report.

RIZEET is your solution to easy filing of receipts and bills. When the need to file your claims, all you have to do is to retrieve the scanned receipts stored on our cloud server.

RIZEET is available on smartphones and tablets for iOS, Android and Blackberry. It is also accessible via the web application to retrieve the scanned receipts, service call photos and to generate expense claim and service calls report.

Our Unique Service Call Features


Features of RIZEET’s Service Calls Management include:

  • Proof of Visit photo capturing to prevent dishonest service calls report
  • Capture service calls activities
  • Submit service calls report to superior anytime, anywhere
  • Daily and Monthly reports

RIZEET For Everyone

RIZEET’s Receipt & Bill Keeper function is not only a convenient tool for you but also a wondrous solution for the HR personnel, the Finance department, and the Auditors. No more second guessing of the amount on that fading receipt and say hello to neatly printed ones.

Scanned and printed receipts by RIZEET are accepted by Auditors and the tax departments.

RIZEET’s Service Calls function is a simple tool for sales manager to keep track of the sales team by the service call reports with our coolest feature of Proof of Visit for each service call.

Use RIZEET without any worries and have fun!

Using RIZEET is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s how:

Download the Mobile App from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store
Sign up a new Package and Sign in your web account
Run the Mobile App to capture your receipts and your Proof-of-Visit
Upload all receipts and service call activities in your mobile to RIZEET Cloud Server
Sign in your web account, print your claim form, receipts and service calls report

Download a free copy of RIZEET here


*Service Calls function is currently only available in Android OS.


*Service Calls function in iOS is coming soon…